Strategic Asset

StoneHedge Partners acts as an objective independent advisor for efficient capital resource allocation. Our analysis includes one or a combination of:

  • • Strategic review
  • • Independent valuation
  • • Transaction structuring
  • • Stake building and disposal process

We have also established strong relationships with financial institutions to access financing on transactions we advise.

The firm positions itself as a long-term partner aligning its interest with those of its clients by avoiding any conflict of interest from corporate affiliation or proprietary trading activities.

Portfolio Structuring

StoneHedge Partners offers a wide range of bespoke portfolio solutions typically split between:

  • • Investment
  • • Hedging
  • • Financing

We share our quantitative tools and analytical experience to provide clients with ideas to structure their asset holdings to reduce performance drag and volatility, preserve capital and enhance cash management within the portfolio. On a retained basis we can also advise on systematic trading and risk management services.

In addition, we advise investors on optimal wrappers to hold their assets in including funds, notes, SPVs and OTCs.

Capital Introduction

Asset rising is a permanent focus for investment managers. Because we understand our clients' strategy and needs, StoneHedge Partners is able to leverage its long-standing relationships to connect unique fund managers or exceptional alpha-generating investment strategies with target investors directly or through third parties.

We can support both sides throughout the due diligence process as well as post investment to ensure a satisfying result.